About us

Outdoorsmans Warehouse is a local sport shop specializing in the sale of outdoor gear.

Owned and operated by Harley Lattig, the store will strive to provide customers with the product they desire and the customer service they deserve. Harley was introduced to the outdoor lifestyle early in life by a number of his family members. His father took the time to take him out into the woods to teach him the art of hunting. Depending on the season Harley and his father Norman would be pursuing their intended quarry. Sometimes successful, most of the time unsuccessful, the duo formed a bond not only with each other but with nature. The bond was built on respect, honor, and trust not only with each other but for nature itself.

When not out in the woods with his father, Harley was still experiencing the outdoors with his Aunts and Uncles fishing, hiking, and camping in the Adirondacks of upstate New York. Fishing large stretches of the Ausable River for trout, he cherished his time with his Papa Ellis during their backwoods trips to "Honey Holes". The two would hike miles through woods to get to these ponds and streams that were off the beaten path to fish way from everyone else so the experience would be theirs.

Outdoorsman's Warehouse was started and organized with the same respect, honor and trust that was learned early on in life. This is what our customers can expect when they choose to bring their business here.

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