I have known Harley for many years, we met when he was working for a large gunshop in the Lehigh Valley. Having been a hardcore firearms enthusiast since the mid 80's, I have had exposure to all kinds of gun shop employees, management and owners. Harley distinguished himself with his ability to communicate effectively, speak using facts rather than opinion alone and a listen to the wants and needs of customers.

Many times I mentioned I was looking for a specific gun and months later Harley would call saying he had what I was looking for in the shop. Now as a fellow FFL and owner of a rapidly growing gunsmithing shop, my opinions remain the same, for the consumer looking for a honest, thoughtful and informed retail gun sales professional, Harley should be on any gun buyers short list of dealers to patronize with confidence.

Les Sheaffer
Gunsmith - Federal Firearms Dealer
Sheaffer Precision Gunworks

I've always been one to heavily research all things dealing with firearms before making a purchase. I don't just buy to have a new toy to keep in a safe, I need my rigs to work, be accurate and highly reliable.

A couple years ago I was in the market for a piston drive AR and wanted the opinion of someone that deals with them a lot. Following the advice of a friend, I went to see this guy he knew named Harley. And that's where it started...

Harley Lattig is the most knowledgeable person I know of having to do with all things ballistic. He has experience from high end suppressed rifles to base model pistols. Unbiased opinions, straight talk and experienced. He has never lead me wrong and that's why he's my first call when I am ready to buy or build and I suggest he be yours too.

Marshall Reichard

I have known the owner of Outdoorsman's Warehouse for several years and have come to trust his advice related to firearms and outdoor gear. He's a great firearms instructor, outdoors enthusiast, and sportsman. Harley goes the extra mile to ensure his customers are well served, and their needs are met.

I've placed several hard to find gear requests and have been delighted sometimes months later to get a call when the items were located. If you're looking for a friendly atmosphere with old fashion customer service and solid advice, I recommend a visit to Outdoorsman's Warehouse in Bangor, PA.

Ken Horen, Stroudsburg,PA

I always seek Harley's advice at Outdoorsman's Warehouse when I'm looking for a new gun. I know he'll give me the long and short of it when I ask about certain items, and I always leave with just what I needed at the right price.

In this day in age, good service is hard to come by. Outdoorsman's Warehouse goes the extra mile and I appreciate that. I don't get that at big box stores or chains.

Harley remembers things I'm looking for long after we had the conversation. I got a call once asking, "Still looking for a .223 bolt gun? Well, I'm holding a used Remington 700 SPS Varmint bull barrel. It's a sweet piece and thought of you." How many shops do that for you?

John Floyd, Roseto, PA